Project 260

What is it? Updates

What is Project 260?

260 days to progress a lucid dreaming project that I'm passionate about.

A healthy work-life balance is important - but how much can you squeeze in to the "life" side of the equation? Family time, chores, repairs, obligations, shopping, eating, sleeping.... I think I can manage it. What about ambition, creativity, fulfilling your dreams? Maybe, someday.

Project 260 is my "someday". 260 days to progress a lucid dreaming project that I'm passionate about. That's 260 x 8 hour days of solid work with no distractions, spanning a little over a year.

I'll deliver various tools and experiences that will hopefully be entertaining, informative and will help more people experience lucid dreams.

I'll gratefully accept donations to help me extend the project or buy resources to allow faster progress.

The following sections describe the various aspects of the project.

A bit of redirection

Due to not having the required hand controllers to progress with my Lucid Dreaming project. I've been working on a short term VR game - Dimensional

I plan to return to the Lucid Dreaming projects once Dimensional is finished and the hardware has matured enough to deliver the ambitious experiences I have in mind.

Virtual Reality (VR) experiences

It's been a long wait, but virtual reality is finally coming. You may not have it yet, but you soon will.

My interactive VR experience will involve you in a deep and engaging story. Along the way you will learn about lucid dreaming, experience what they feel like and learn how to have them. The sci-fi / fantasy story is designed to inspire your own lucid dreams.


What's next

I'm working on a new physics based game to help extend the project further. Kickstarter hopefully coming soon.


Basic training on Unreal Engine 4

Released VR Breathing Tech Demo

Released eveBook Tech Demo

Released VR locomotion demo

Lucid dreaming novel

Set in the recent past, the story follows the main character as he discovers lucid dreaming and is drawn in to a hidden world.

The novel can be enjoyed on it's own, but additional information and branched story lines will be entwined with VR experiences, mobile apps and the website.


What's next

More research
Flesh out more characters
Work on chapters


The concepts, main characters, story arc and first few chapters were completed before Project 260 began. Website will be central to the project. It will provide access to online tools, downloads, lucid dreaming guides and much more. There will be hidden areas and secrets to uncover.


What's next

More articles / updates
Online dream to-do list


15th Nov 2014 - website live with blog and initial lucid dreaming articles

28th Jan 2015 - research area goes live

Mobile apps

I will be creating apps to help you have lucid dreams. They will be integrated with the website and VR experiences and later include interactive stories that are branched from the novel.


What's next

Dream to-do list


Downloaded android development environment.
Created first sample app.

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