Lucid dreaming research

What makes some people lucid dream naturally, while others have to invest time and effort or never succeed? Is it genetics, lifestyle, sleep patterns, diet, attitude, the techniques being used or something else? There may be different answers for different people.

Please share this page. More participants = better results.

Purpose: use crowdsourcing to gain a greater insight in to what affects our ability to experience lucid dreams.

Participate in the research

Whether you are an experienced lucid dreamer or have never had a lucid dream, your participation will be helpful and appreciated.

or enter your key to add to your previous data

If you've lost your key, click here Enter your email address (if you entered one on your profile), and we will email your key to you.


Once we have 100+ participant that have successfully had lucid dreams we will begin working on the reporting features.

Reporting features will be freely available to everyone.

Optionally filter the results to include data recorded by participants that match your lifestyle or personality. Hopefully, this will make the data more useful to you.

Discuss your own experiments

Discuss theories on how to improve lucid dreaming abilities below.

Our research logs include special questions where you can state what had a positive or negative affect on your abilities. Use these areas to record the results of your own experiments.

"Like" comments if you agree that other people should put the theory to the test.

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