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Improving Dream Recall

I have very poor dream recall and can go months without remembering a single dream. I have recently started to improve my dream recall and plan to continue working on it. I will update this article with techniques that I find helpful.

  1. Use the MnemonicInductionOfLucidDreams technique, but make sure you put in the required effort and have confidence in it.
  2. Try drinking water before you go to bed. This will make you wake up during the night to pee. When you wake up, try to recall your dreams and practise MILD as you fall back to sleep. See what quantity of water works for you. I use up to three quarters of a pint.
  3. Try to remember your dream for at least 5 minutes after you wake. Relax and don't think about anything other than recalling your dream. Your initial thought may be that you have failed to recall your dream, but sometimes they gradually come back.
  4. When you recall a dream make sure you write it in TheDreamJournal straight away.

Online Resources on How to Improve Dream Recall:

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