Updated 15/01/15

Experiments inside lucid dreams

I'll use this article to share the results of tests that I conduct while lucid dreaming. I hope to increase our understanding of dreams and to let you know what to expect.

Physical characteristics

Hearing. We sometimes incorporate external sounds in to our dreams. I have mild tinnitus, and can confirm that the subtle ringing in my ears is still present. I was hoping that wouldn't be the case and I could enjoy the silence for a change.

Vision. Some lucid dreamers try to recognise they're dreaming by flashing lights in their eyes during REM sleep. I've found that vision is still processed with great accuracy during sleep. I have "eye floaters" - stray fibres that can be seen in the eye. I still notice some floaters while dreaming - highlighting a clear and precise visual awareness.

Discomfort. I find that mild muscular pain and backache is not carried forward in to dreams. This may not hold true for more intense discomfort. Physically, I always feel fit, energetic and well.

Touch. The feeling of touch is very realistic in dreams. You're fully aware of the texture, and type of material. Objects have an expected weight to them.


Dreams present realistic spaces to explore, but it's easy to spot inconsistencies if you try. Here are some tests I conducted in a shop:

1) A metal plate was filled with rows of different shaped holes to hang racks of produce. I counted down 6 rows until I came to a row of square shapes. Looked away and back, but now the square holes were not on row 6.

2) Black T-shirts were being sold with photos of dogs on them. After looking away for a moment the design changed, although they were still black and still included a very similar looking dog.

What's possible

You can do pretty-much anything you like while dreaming. You just have to believe. Here is a short list if things I have done: flying, passing through solid walls, impossible strength / abilities, willing objects in to existence.

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