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Updated 28/01/15

Day 20 - Lucid dreaming research project

This research project will use crowdsourcing to gain a greater insight in to what affects our chances of having lucid dreams. Some people have them naturaly, while others invest time and effort or never succeed. Is it genetics, lifestyle, sleep patterns, diet, attitude, the techniques being used or something else? There may be different answers for different people.

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The project

An ongoing project will gradually build a large database of results.

Free web-based tools will allow anyone to analyse the results.

You will have to ability to show results of people with similar lifestyle / personality to your own and see what works for them

Results will be freely available to all for commercial or non-commercial use without restriction.

Data capture

You can answer questions anonymously - no login, email or registration is required.

Complete a short profile so we can understand your lifestyle and personality.

Complete logs recording successes or failures and what you felt impacted your results.

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